Relaxation Massage 

- Refresh your mind and body with a soothing, therapeutic touch in a private, relaxed setting


$75 (1Hr)

$110 (1.5 Hr)

$145 (2 Hr)


Deep Tissue

- Helping with severe muscle tightness and pain. Perfect for those who hold a lot of tension from stress or physical activity


$80 (1 Hr)

$115 (1.5 Hr)

$150 (2 Hr)


Hot Stone

- Designed as a Hot Therapy that encourages blood flow for pain relief and deep relaxation


$85 (1 Hr)

$120 (1.5 Hr)

$155 (2 Hr)

Aroma Therapies

- help in relieving anxiety, depression, boost energy levels and increase overall wellness.

(May add to any massage service for $5.)

Choose from:





Hot Towel Treatments For Hands/Feet

- Hands or feet that need additional attention, hot towels are applied following a scrub and cream treatment leaving your skin soft and fresh.

(May add to any massage service for $10)

Choose from:

Sugar Plum

Sweet Jasmine

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